Freight forwarding,

Our services include
comprehensive freight forwarding
and logistics solutions, flexibly adjusted
to our customers’ individual needs.

We offer:

  • preparation of individual offers for comprehensive logistics service
  • advice on choosing the right means of transport;
  • advice on choosing an optimal transport route;
  • calculation of freight charges;
  • freight tracking;
  • organization of reloading at break of gauge centres;
  • organization of transshipment and reloading between various means of transport:
    – barge/ship, ship/barge
    – wagon/barge, barge/wagon
    – wagon/ship, ship/wagon
    – motor vehicle/ship, ship/motor vehicle
    – motor vehicle/barge, barge/motor vehicle

Based on our long experience
and knowledge of applicable law
governing shipment and of customs regulations
we advise our customers what documents
they should prepare prior to order execution.

We provide services in the following fields:

  • Transport logistics for all kinds of cargo (diversified modes of transport and transshipment and reloading, on a national, European and international scale)
  • Organization of transshipment and reloading of all kinds of cargo in Polish ports, both sea and inland, at railway terminals, border crossings, etc.
  • Organization of river transport
  • Organization of storage of goods in Polish sea ports, storage of bulk goods in our own or leased storage yards at various locations
  • Handling customs formalities